Sirens’ Riches Slot Overview

Beware of half-women, half-fish creatures swimming or singing from the rocks when traversing the seven seas. Mermaids and sirens sometimes love helping distressed sailors. Sometimes their goal is to lure unsuspecting mariners to their demise. In Red Tiger’s online slot Sirens’ Riches, they won’t damage players physically. In a pleasant mood, they may even assist return a favorable reel result, even a huge one.

Sirens’ Riches is a 5×4 video slot set in a gloomy beach setting that evokes both fear and joy. The game’s dark, gloomy colors and sirens turning nasty on the 15th spin are the worst. In the first 14 spins, pleasant fishy-tailed beings dangle from the game grid, and the mythical/fantasy feel is charming. Very appealing. Alluring, but not Odyssey-level lashing to a ship mast or shoving beeswax in your ears.

To evaluate winning combinations, return to the game grid, which has 50 paylines. Over consecutive reels, winning symbols pay left to right from the left side of the grid. Sirens’ Riches has a default RTP of 95.73% and a hit rate of 28.29% using its volatile math model. To accommodate the large max prize, bet selection is limited to 10 p/c to £/€4 every spin.

Now for symbols, 5 shells pay low, but a rifle, lamp, anchor, wheel, and treasure chest pay high. A winning combination of 5 matching low pay symbols pays 2 to 3 times the wager, rising with the tides to 6 to 20 times the bet for premium symbols. Wilds appear on all reels and substitute any pay symbol, paying 100x the stake for a 5 OAK wild winning line. Wilds can hit in addition to Siren’s Treasure bar wilds.

Sirens’ Riches Slot Features

Sirens’ Riches may have a Super Wild Symbol. Siren’s Treasure and Nobleman emblem are also present.

Super Wild

Siren Queen is the Super Wild symbol. This 4-position stacked symbol covers the reel and only appears on spin 15. According to the progress indicator, Super Wilds can multiply by x2, x3, or x5. The multiplier applies to line victories.

The Nobleman

The Nobleman symbol only appears on the middle reel and does not create winning lines. Instead, the Nobleman is gathered and advances the reels’ side bar. Collections occur on the first 14 spins of a 15-spin cycle, while Siren’s Treasure occurs on the last 15. Noblemen cannot land on the 15th spin, and only one can land.

Treasure of Siren

Sirens’ Riches has 15-spin batches. When the Nobleman symbol strikes, his essence advances the progress bar. A modifier is triggered on the 15th spin for every second progress bar step:

Two guaranteed wilds in step 2.

Step 4: Add 1 wild for 3 guaranteed wilds.

Step 6: The Siren Queen (Super Wild) will land.

Step 8: Siren Queen appears with x2 multiplier.

Step 10: The Siren Queen appears with an x3 multiplier and one respin.

Step 12 – the Siren Queen appears with an x5 multiplier, another respin (2 respins), and 3 more wilds (6 wilds).

Step 14: 3,000x the bet prize is added to all other awards.

The Siren Queen Super Wild, wilds from the Siren’s Treasure bar, and any wild from the 15th spin or subsequent respins are locked for the remaining respins. The progress bar resets every 15 rotations, allowing a fresh cycle.

Sirens’ Riches Slot Review

Spin cycle-driven games are ubiquitous, but Siren’s Riches and others are rare that may go parabolic. These games often store frames on the grid and fill them with wilds on the last spin. Sirens’ Riches adds an intriguing collection function that improves tremendously as the Treasure bar continues. Guaranteed wilds and up to three are not thrilling in the first two steps. Non-guaranteed wilds can land on the last spin. If you get it beyond the full reel Super Wild, things may get hot.

Sirens’ Riches come and go like the waves. Nothing except Nobleman symbols and the standard game are available without a bonus round or free spins. Sirens’ Riches risks becoming repetitious unless something exciting happens soon, the sooner the better. Fortunately, the Siren’s Treasure bar’s higher levels include tempting items. Sirens’ Riches has 22,307.5 times the stake and a 3,000x prize, better than a jellyfish sting. Not expected that one.

Red Tiger went big on this one, maybe because someone enjoys mermaids and sirens. Larger than most batch spin-style games. Much larger than many Red Tiger games, including Monsters Unchained, a similar style. Sirens’ Riches is worth trying if you like similar games, where you go round and round in hopes of landing a big final spin.